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If you are interested in having Sharpe Properties provide you with a free estimate on managing your commercial properties located in South Florida (Miami-Dade and Broward County), please call us direct at (305) 693-3500 or click here to provide us with information so that a local representative can contact you directly.

We Do Property Management From The Owner’s Perspective

Since 1960, Sharpe Properties has provided commercial property management services for commercial real estate in South Florida (Miami-Dade and Broward County), including retail, industrial warehouse, and office properties. During such time, we have worked hard to not only enhance the values of each property, but to maintain close and longstanding relationships with each of our tenants and vendors. We continue to develop and innovate programs and practices that help us maintain our high quality performance and service. The following key areas contribute to the success of our company:
Property Performance
Property Appearance
In-House Services
Financial and Accounting Services
Legal Services
Building Systems Efficiency and Energy Consumption
Proximity to Properties

Property Performance:

Sharpe Properties continually visits and monitors our retail, industrial warehouse, and office properties throughout South Florida in order to properly evaluate both the functional and aesthetic aspects of each managed real estate property. Sharpe Properties also retains various experts such as general contractors, roofers, plumbers, and electricians to visit the managed commercial properties when needed, in order to obtain their knowledge and advice. This allows Sharpe Properties to not only provide new and innovative ways to manage each property, but ensures the quality and consistency at every service level.

Property Appearance:

Sharpe Properties visits and inspects the appearance of each managed retail, industrial warehouse, and office property in South Florida (Miami-Dade and Broward County) on a continual basis, thereby allowing us to proactively maintain and improve the conditions of the building’s structure, common areas, and landscape areas.

In-House Services:

Sharpe Properties maintains a centralized in-house management and maintenance service in Miami-Dade County to improve the quality of service for the retail, industrial warehouse, and office properties, for both the property owner and their tenants. Because outsourcing management and maintenance services can diminish productivity and accountability, we provide these in-house services to help decrease the overhead expenses for the property owner, and provide tenants with a centralized place they can notify us of maintenance related issues.

By having an experienced maintenance crew in-house, and affiliations with various architects, general contractors, attorneys, technicians, and tradesmen, we have the ability to facilitate maintenance and construction projects. This not only helps lower the costs involved, but can speed up the time a tenant can open up for business.

Financial and Accounting Services:

To streamline and keep abreast with the performance of each of our commercial real estate properties, we utilize some of the latest technology within the industry. Our office uses Tenant Pro property management software to deliver accurate and timely accounting and reporting for each property. Through relationships with several banking institutions, we can receive notice within 24 hours if a deposited check is NSF; and through the use of Remote Deposit Capture banking, we have the ability to rapidly deposit checks and money orders into a specific bank account without having to spend wasted time physically delivering the actual check to the bank.

On an as-needed basis, our in-house legal counsel can additionally assist in areas such as preparing tenant correspondence, lease preparation and negotiation, lease terminations, litigation support, evictions, and garnishments. Our in-house counsel is also available to provide referrals to our commercial real estate property owners in South Florida (Miami-Dade and Broward County).

Building Systems Efficiency and Energy Consumption:

As members of the United States Department of Energy’s Commercial Real Estate Energy Alliance (CREEA), Sharpe Properties continually looks to implement various energy management practices when feasible.

Proximity to Properties:

Throughout the years, we have purposely restricted the areas of our commercial real estate property management services to concentrate in the Miami-Dade and Broward counties of South Florida. By doing so, we gain the following advantages:

  • Prospective and current tenants are able to visit our office
  • Visit properties with greater frequency
  • Show vacancies with little or no advance notice
  • Up to date with the local market trends and rental rates
  • Greater familiarity with local building codes, laws, and regulations
  • Ability to closely monitor maintenance and construction projects

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