We Negotiate Leases From the Mindset of the Property Owner

On behalf of landlords and property owners, Sharpe Properties handles lease negotiations of both new leases and lease renewals with national and local tenants.  Because our management team owns and operates commercial real estate consisting of retail shops, industrial warehouse bays, apartments and office properties throughout South Florida (Miami-Dade County and Broward County) on its own account, Sharpe Properties negotiates leases with the mindset of a Property Owner, in contrast to a Leasing Agent. While most Leasing Agents may be driven by a short-term goal of obtaining a leasing commission and moving onto the next deal, Sharpe Properties prefers negotiating commercial real estate leases that benefit the landlord and tenant for the long-term.

Types of Leases

Over the many years, Sharpe Properties has negotiated leases with a diverse tenant mix. We understand that there is no such thing as a “Standard Lease” that can cover all lease terms required for all types of retail, office, and industrial warehouse operations. For example, a tenant that desires to rent industrial warehouse space for strickly dead storage, is not going to need lease terms discussing their hours of operation, what type of inventory can be sold, and signage rights. Thus, we have honed and developed internal leases so that they can be modified and altered to meet the specific needs of most businesses.

Tenant Applications

For each lease negotiated, we require each prospective tenant to fill out a detailed Tenant Application, and obtain useful information about them. During this process, we not only analyze how the tenant-mix at the property will be affected, but examine whether the tenant has both the financial resources and experience needed to succeed for the long-term. Each commercial real estate lease is prepared and individually tailored towards each tenant’s specific needs by our own in-house legal team.

Our Job is Never Done

Once a lease is signed, our work is never done at Sharpe Properties. As indicated by our low tenant turnover rate, we take pride in maintaining longstanding professional relationships with each of our tenants by providing competitive rental rates and establishing open lines of communication.

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